Top Hunting and Shooting Equipment Brands of 2014


 Survey results are in and Southwick has announced the top selling hunting and shooting brands for 2014. Did your favorite brands make the list?

  • Top handgun brand: Smith & Wesson
  • Top traditional rifle brand:  Remington / Ruger (Sturm, Ruger)
  • Top rifle ammunition brand:  ATK
  • Top handgun ammunition brand:  ATK
  • Top boots brand:  Cabelas
  • Top scopes:  Bushnell
  • Top binoculars brand:  BushnellPicMonkey Collage
  • Top game feeder brand:  Moultrie
  • Top trail camera brand:  Moultrie
  • Top tree stand brand: Big Game
  • Top muzzleloader: Thompson Center / CVA
  • Top crossbow:  Barnett
  • Top shotgun ammunition brand:  Winchester
  • Top blackpowder brand: Pyrodex
  • Top arrow brand: Easton / Carbon Express
  • Top broadhead brand:  Rage
  • Top bow case brand:  Plano
  • Top archery sight brand:  Trophy Ridge
  • Top game call brand: Primos
  • Top reloading bullet brand:  Hornady
  • Top reloading primer brand:  CCI
  • Top reloading powder brand:  Hodgdon / IMR
  • Top GPS device brand:  Garmin 
  • Top knife brand:  Buck
  • Top holster/ammo belt brand:  Blackhawk
  • Top choke tube brand:  Carlson


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