Friday Finds | Stocking Stuffers

Whelp!  Can you believe it’s already December?!  In case you didn’t get all your shopping done on Black Friday… here’s a few stocking stuffer ideas for your sportswoman or man!

Stocking Stuffers 2015

Pocket Fly Fishing Guide // Fly Line (you can never have too much!) // Flybox Subscription // Drinking Chocolate // Your Favorite Brand of Shotshells // Water Bottle // Hand Warmers // Leatherman // Protein Bar

* Wreath Image? Get it here.

3 comments to Friday Finds | Stocking Stuffers

  • Alison  says:

    What good and thoughtful ideas, Whit. (The video on the founder of the Treehouse Chocolate drinking chocolate company is terrific!)

  • Marcus Williams  says:

    These are such great gift ideas! I can’t believe I didn’t check out your blog over Christmas, my life would’ve been easier. Which is your favorite amongst the list?

    • Whitney Tawney  says:

      That’s a tough one! I do love my new water bottle (it’s huge!) I got for Xmas but I also love having a steady supply of the hand warmers – such a good stocking stuffer. Keep us in mind next Christmas :)

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