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The Cookbook Round-Up


Finding the right recipe may just inspire a new hunter or angler so it’s important to have great resources.  Here are a few cookbooks to consider (or if you’re like me add to your growing collection!)

Cookbook Round Up

Moving clockwise, I’ll start with What to Cook and How to Cook it by food writer and recipe editor Jane Hornby.  Although this cookbook is not about cooking wild game or fish, it’s the best book I’ve found for learning the basics – and let’s get real it’s all about the BASICS!  Hornby’s book is full of instructive photos from what it means to finely vs. roughly chop and the step-by-step set up for the book will arm you with the confidence.  

Okay, admittedly I haven’t even touched the next one – Open Range: Steaks, Chops and More from Big Sky Country by Jay Bentley – but everything is better...

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The benefits of venison


You’ve heard it here before… eating from the wild not only tastes good but is also nutritious and better for you! Plus hunting and fishing contribute to an active lifestyle and there is no downside to that! Check out this nifty infographic from GoodGameHunting and learn more about the benefits of harvesting and eating venison…


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Moose Peach Bake


It’s time for another recipe from our favorite game chef – Joyce of In the Wild Kitchen!  We love that she is dreaming of hunting season and getting inspired by her recipes for the next season.  Don’t miss Joyce’s recipe for a Moose Peach Bake and for a healthy twist serve with quinoa!


My husband and I were talking the other day about moose hunting, we are going to have to go out of our comfort zone next year to shoot moose. We have to get drawn for tags in our area and we’re thinking neither of us will be drawn. We simply cannot go a year without moose. I mean the insanity, no moose for a year!

There are area’s that we can go where you can simply buy a tag, but we’ll have to do some exploring. It will definitely be an adventure, one I’m excited to take...

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Know what you eat



Knowing where my food comes from is a big reason why I hunt and fish.  Call me a locavore if you must but there is something about the field to table experience.  And the calorie count speaks for itself – eating from the wild not only tastes good but is also nutritious and better for you.  Plus hunting and fishing contribute to an active lifestyle. With our nation fighting what seems to be an obesity epidemic, it’s time we become accountable for what we’re eating.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 35% of Americans over 20 are considered obese.  Keep it active, keep it wild and, remember, camo truly is the new black!

*Created by: Wide Open Spaces 

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Moose Tenderloin Lettuce Wraps



The last few weeks have made for a chilly winter. Our cold snap hit while we were on a family holiday in Jasper, so we didn’t end up feeling the brunt of it, but we had numbers dipping below -40C with the windchill. While away at the mountains we enjoyed some slightly warmer weather and of course, skiing, shopping, elk meandering along the road and some relaxation.

Today ended up being quite warm, hopefully most of our extreme cold days are over until next winter. I always feel like I’m coming out of hibernation on these warms days, the snow gets a little softer and slushier and it makes me long for something to eat that’s a little on the lighter side.

The other day I marinated a moose tenderloin and used it to make my Goat Cheese Stuffed Moose Tenderloin…seriously they were little ...

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