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Pink Camo

Pink Gun

Given this is a blog devoted to sportswomen who hunt and fish, it’s time we talk camo… pink camo. The debate around pink camo is real.  I go back and forth about what pink camo really means to me and how it reflects on our community.  

Like many of you, I’m a girl who likes manis and pedis and even occasionally chooses to wear hot pink.  But in general, pink camo really turns me off.  Why?  To me pink camo says the industry doesn’t take women seriously who choose to get outdoors.  Pink camo is simply not practical.  The whole point of camo is to blend in so that you remain hidden from your target, right?!  How are you supposed to have a successful hunt when you’re alerting the pray wearing pink? 

On the flip side, pink camo is distinctly worn by girls and women so should we instead be wea...

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Important Notice

CDear Camo is the New Black readers and supporters –

Over the last 24 hours the Camo is the New Black website has been compromised.  We apologize for any and all spam that has hit your inboxes and are taking immediate action to fix the issue.  The website may need to be rebooted and in this case we’ll be offline for at least an hour.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this and again apologize for any inconvenience or frustration.

Yours always –

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Jack Fish Cakes



One of the best things about living in Saskatchewan is the lakes.  There are plenty of lakes to fish in and one of my favorites is Lac Des Isles.  Both me and my husband have got some nice sized wall hangers there.

We typically fish for Jacks, since that’s what I’m good at catching!  I have a wonderful husband who will take care of the kids hooks, baits our hooks when needed and then will start fishing.  ( I do my own hooks, just not the bait!)  We do make a great team fishing, but I have taught the kids to say “Mommy’s the master fisherman”...

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We have a winner!


gratsBrooke Vetter!  Selected at random from over 100 entries, Brook is the winner of the very awesome Rods, Reels and Heels giveaway!!  Check your inbox and congrats again from your friends at Camo is the New Black!!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day from Camo is the New Black!  As you celebrate keep these lines in mind:

  • “I’m out hunting for a Valentine, are you game?”
  • “Of all the fish in the sea, I’m glad I caught you”
  • “I aim to have you as my Valentine”
  • “I’ve been herring a lot about you”
  • “Oh Valentine, you’re a real catch!”
  • “Our love is reel


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