Lady Ga-Ga-Ga?


Do you have an all women’s hunting club? Does it have a name?  Somehow we’d bet your club isn’t named “Lady Ga-Ga-Ga.”  But that’s just what Russia’s first all women hunting club has named theirs!  Thus far the 100 member hunting club has only hunted for birds but they do hope to hunt for big game one of these days. Here’s our list of potential names for our future all women’s hunting club, what can you add?

Camo, Shotguns & Heels
Duck Duck… GIRLS
Huntress Fortress
First Ladies of Hunting
Women, Waders & Wine
Shakin’ Tail Feathers
For more info and a video, check out the article about Lady Ga-Ga-Ga on Reuters here!
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Field Notes | Shenan-no no!


Okay remember my post about fall fishing and camping in Shenandoah and how excited I was? Well it turned into quite the adventure! First, it was Columbus Day and near impossible to find a camping spot. After getting recs from the great folks of Mossy Creek Fly Shop, my husband Dan and I ended up in George Washington National Forest about three and half hours from DC. We couldn’t believe our luck – this public land is just a stones throw from James Madison University is absolutely beautiful. We fished for a few hours and then headed to set up camp.

Our campsite appeared perfect… at first.  A creek nearby, lots of space and a flat spot near the fire pit perfect for our tent...

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The Revival of the Meat Locker


Meat Locker

Recently while driving, I heard this story on NPR about the revival of the meat locker (read “communal walk-in freezer.”)  Although the piece is centered on storage for buying meat in bulk directly from farmers and ranchers, it got me thinking.  Could communal freezers be the answer for urban hunters and anglers?

Meat lockers were popular in the 1950s because of the cost of individual ice boxes. And now as a modern hunter and angler and city dweller, space for food storage in our house is an issue. Plus adding an additional freezer even if we had the space could prove costly due to the energy it takes to keep a second individual freezer cold.  And as more and more of us live in cities the convenience of shared storage just makes sense.  

Check out the Corning Meat Locker here in Corning, ...

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New findings about hunters and the upcoming season


Gander Mountain has just completed a nationwide survey of avid hunters and they found some interesting trends for the upcoming season among avid hunters, including:

  • Only 28% of hunters are fully prepared for the season. 
  • Most hunters agree that hunting is more than getting big game (76%); it’s an ethical thing to do (58%). 
  • Deer is the overwhelming favorite game to hunt (60%). 
  • Older hunters want to help with conservation this season and younger hunters want to learn new skills and set personal records. 
  • Almost half of all hunters follow a ritual or superstition for the best hunt including starting the hunt at exactly 4:48AM every time, kissing the first bullet, doing the anti-rain dance, or not shaving the entire season. 
  • Behind a firearm and ammunition, quality boots and camo gear are t...
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It’s a DEER, it’s an ELK, NOPE….. QUACK-QUACK….SPLATTTT it’s a duck!!

Guest Post


By Rachel Voss

We all gear up for the fall for various reasons. May it be the beautiful fall colors, may it be sitting in a tree stand, or stalking and bugling that BIG massive bull elk. However, there is one feathered friend that many can’t WAIT for Fall/Winter season for… duck!

Wait no longer, wings are locked and set and the birds are ready to land in your decoy spread! We can’t forget our beautiful retrieving pups diving in after that fallen bird!!!!

Unlike sitting in a stand alone..or belly crawling in on a big game stalk…duck hunting is a hunt that is better done and more fun with a friend by your side. Whether it be our furry friends or our favorite child, sister, brother, cousin, Mom, Dad, or spouse (hopefully you only have one of those….spouses that is)!!!

First and, foremost, ...

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