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Dear Future President

Dear Future President,

I am a 31 year old married millenial woman and I hunt and I fish.  These are the facts. But I’m one of the lucky ones. I grew up with an over 30 acre backyard where I explored our outdoor world with family, friends and on my own. I sat in the duck blind with my dad alongside our family dog – me in training just as much as our beloved black lab Duff.  And now with my father gone, I work hard to pass on these experiences to my husband, nieces, nephews and friends as we learn how tricky trout fishing really can be.

I write today for the future. Not just for the millenial future but for our children’s future and what can be...

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Northern Pike Expert Fishing Guide



By Dave and Sheree Swistun

A prehistoric predator stalks the deep, murky waters — moving with the ease and grace of a silver arrow, relentlessly hunting its prey. With rows of needle- sharp teeth, merciless “dead” eyes reminiscent of a shark’s, an almost snakelike body and a survival instinct that has changed little over millions of years, the northern pike is an adversary worthy of any angler’s skills and best efforts.

One of the most prized game fish in northern United States and southern Canada, their range has been extended over the decades through effective stocking programs — and these days any lake in these regions that ices over in winter is likely to have a population of northern pike.

Pike can grow to a respectable size, and they have a reputation as fierce fighters ...

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Friday Finds | Stocking Stuffers

Whelp!  Can you believe it’s already December?!  In case you didn’t get all your shopping done on Black Friday… here’s a few stocking stuffer ideas for your sportswoman or man!

Stocking Stuffers 2015

Pocket Fly Fishing Guide // Fly Line (you can never have too much!) // Flybox Subscription // Drinking Chocolate // Your Favorite Brand of Shotshells // Water Bottle // Hand Warmers // Leatherman // Protein Bar

* Wreath Image? Get it here.

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Jack Fish Cakes



One of the best things about living in Saskatchewan is the lakes.  There are plenty of lakes to fish in and one of my favorites is Lac Des Isles.  Both me and my husband have got some nice sized wall hangers there.

We typically fish for Jacks, since that’s what I’m good at catching!  I have a wonderful husband who will take care of the kids hooks, baits our hooks when needed and then will start fishing.  ( I do my own hooks, just not the bait!)  We do make a great team fishing, but I have taught the kids to say “Mommy’s the master fisherman”...

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Beauty and the fish

Guest Post

Beauty and the fishBy Kassondra Hendricks

My little sister marches through the door into the garage, she wears my father’s black work bibs and they are large on her. The legs billow out at her hips and dangle over her boots so that they are unseen. She looks ridiculous, but then again, who looks beautiful when they ice fish? We trudge to the truck, giggling with amusement about our appearance. The drive to the lake is long and quiet. My father, sister and I squished into the front of the pickup as our gear had overtaken both the bed and back seat of the truck. Music plays, the windows fog up with our breath, and I watch the fields of snow pass by, day dreaming about tip-up flags, monster pike and crappie. Butterflies erupt in my stomach with excitement...

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