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Christmas Coundown #2: The Tale of “Sisters McGregor”

In the spirit of the holidays, we’re counting down our top four guest posts until Christmas! These posts were the most viewed and shared this year and totally worth another look. In second place we have the McGregor sisters’ post – enjoy! And congrats Christie and Merrill!!

mcgregor 1

We’ve often been referred to as “the Sisters McGregor”. We work in the same professional field, share the same friends and are both avid outdoorswomen. Although we’re 10 years apart, we both have distinct memories of fishing off our grandparents dock in Charleston, camping with our parents and siblings in KY and WI, or hiking with friends across the southeast. 

We’re also pretty inseparable – living together off and on for over 10 years –or at least we were until Christie, the older/wiser one, decided to up...

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What is it that hooks us?

Guest Post

By Bethany Erb

What is it that hooks us? When was your defining moment that you realized you loved to hunt and it was a part of you? 

For many people it’s the early childhood experiences with a parent, cousin or grandpa. But what about the person that doesn’t start early? How do they begin? Many people don’t have the opportunity early in life because of certain factors such as not living in a rural area, lack of mentors etc. I wasn’t an early bloomer; I grew up around hunting, but preferred horses. I found hunting intimidating and for men…that was until my college roommate Amanda said let’s go hog hunting (northern CA). So we went and I was hooked!

Grace and her Marshmallow gun

Grace and her Marshmallow gun

I’m glad I started when I did, but wish I had gotten into the field a little sooner...

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