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The Scapegoat Wilderness

Guest Post

Scapegoat Wilderness

By Lindsay Persico

Summer is a time for camping, hiking and just enjoying the outdoors as a whole. It is good for the mind, body and soul. What better place to enjoy it than a designated wilderness area? Thanks to some recently redefined wilderness boundaries, this year’s Veterans Outreach Program from the Montana Wilderness Association in partnership with the United States Forest Service, found it’s Veterans and significant others out enjoying some of Montana’s best on their first outing of the summer. The program is free of charge and their goal is to get Veterans and their families out experiencing peaceful, wild places. My husband heads up the program and I was glad to get to go along.

We started out by camping at Wood Lake and doing a couple small hikes right from the campgroun...

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We stand united

Recently, sportswoman Eva Shockey posted a picture of a 500 lb. black bear she shot in North Carolina on social media. This bear was the biggest she had ever bagged and she was proud. But not everyone was a fan of her harvest. Eva has received thousands of death threats. And unfortunately, Eva is not the first sportswoman to come under fire for being a hunter.

eva and bear

Today we are taking a stand because we are tired of the negativity. More than 37.4 million hunters and anglers across the United States contribute billions of dollars to conservation each year. Arguably without hunters and anglers, wildlife and their habitat would be in jeopardy.

Please join us in thanking Eva for continuing to be a positive force in the hunting and angling community by signing our petition:

“On behalf of sportsmen ...

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Experiencing Montana

Guest Post



By Lindsay Persico

It was spring when I met the man I am proud to call my husband. Our “first date” ( not sure we actually called it that ) was a trip out to feed and sit over a bear bait in Idaho. We spent the evening laughing and joking. He taught me about lighting a fire with my flint and steel and we just simply enjoyed the outdoors together. It is a favorite memory of mine.

Needless to say we hit it off. The year before we got married I was blessed with the opportunity to join him on his elk hunt in Montana. I drove over from Idaho and we headed up to his family cabin in the beautiful Montana mountains. I remember being so excited to get in on the experience and being nervous that I would slow him down in this steep country.

We set out our numerous layers of hunting clothes the nig...

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10 Crazy Game Cam Photos

Happy Friday everyone!  We are nearing Halloween and days are beginning to get spooky, we’re sharing OutdoorHub’s 10 craziest trailcam photos:


1. A deer leaping with an arrow game photo 1


2. Black bear with deer


game photo 2


3. The deer selfie



game photo 3



4. Does face off



game photo 4



5. Yet another deer selfie



game photo 5



6. A mountain lion dragging a deer



game photo 6



7. The ghost deer



game photo 7



8. The lion chase



game photo 8



9. You decide what this is…



game photo 9



10. An entire pride



game photo 10

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The Sportswoman’s Movie List Part II


movie list 2

A story of survival and being pushed to learn to live in the wild.

Into the Wild
Post college graduation, a young man quests out to Alaska for adventure and bites off more than he can chew (pun intended).

Jeremiah Johnson
A man turns his back on civilization and learns to survive in the wild.

The River Why
A man runs away to put miles between his old life and present and falls in love with nature and a woman who shares his love of the outdoors.

The River Wild
A former river raft guide takes her family on an unforgettable rafting trip.

True Grit
Following the murder of her father, a girl goes out to the wild west in hopes of capturing her father’s murderer.

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