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Belly-crawling Fever

Guest Post


By Jenn Doherty

I found myself belly-crawling through prickly-pear cactus in hot pursuit of some antelope. I would quickly get in front of my husband, Mitch, before he would remind me that this was his hunt and I should get my own tag if I want to be the one with the gun. I thought about it for a while and decided he might just be right. After all, what was holding me back? I had gone through adult hunter’s safety and was comfortable carrying a gun in the field.

I didn’t grow up hunting. It was certainly all around me while growing up in a state Aldo Leopold called home for many years, but my family was not a hunting family. Instead I enjoyed hiking, backpacking, canoeing and other activities growing up, along with an instilled respect and appreciation for the outdoors...

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10 Crazy Game Cam Photos

Happy Friday everyone!  We are nearing Halloween and days are beginning to get spooky, we’re sharing OutdoorHub’s 10 craziest trailcam photos:


1. A deer leaping with an arrow game photo 1


2. Black bear with deer


game photo 2


3. The deer selfie



game photo 3



4. Does face off



game photo 4



5. Yet another deer selfie



game photo 5



6. A mountain lion dragging a deer



game photo 6



7. The ghost deer



game photo 7



8. The lion chase



game photo 8



9. You decide what this is…



game photo 9



10. An entire pride



game photo 10

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Suburbanite turned hunter

Guest Post
megan 3Growing up in suburban metro-Detroit, my family was never interested in the outdoors. As a child, most of the interaction I had with wildlife occurred at nature centers or on school field trips. But after a few semesters at college I surprised everyone by deciding to study Fisheries & Wildlife Biology. 
megan 1Pursuing studies in natural resource management as an undergraduate exposed me to the idea of hunting (or “population control,” “harvesting” and simply “management”). As a student, I was taught that the North American model of wildlife management requires hunting to help keep some species’ populations under control for the benefit of ecosystems as a whole. Beyond that, hunting seemed to be most often viewed by my peers as a beloved cultural pastime and hobby...
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Summer is the perfect time to take hunter education


1193228_35828531If you’re contemplating starting to hunt, step one is to complete your state-approved hunter education. Summer is a great time to take the course so you’ll be ready for hunting season, which is coming right up!

Many states allow, or even require, you to take a portion of your hunter education online. Other courses include a classroom course and other require a “field day” to demonstrate hands-on safety skills. Check with your local Department of Natural Resources or Fish & Game to find out your state’s requirements – or your local sporting goods store will likely be able to point you in the right direction if you’re not sure who to call.

If you can (or are required) to take an online portion of hunter education, there are a lot of options to choose from. Here are a couple to check out:

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Lady Hunters: Tips for Starting Them Young


Thanks to The Desert Rat for letting us repost these great tips on getting girls hunting early!

Chris and Cidney McCotter with two Arizona javelinas.

Chris and Cidney McCotter with two Arizona javelinas.

It’s not much of a secret that lady hunters are the fastest-growing demographic in the hunting community. Part of that is due to families starting their daughters, nieces, neighbor girls, and granddaughters early, and making it fun for them with no pressure. My daughter is not an avid hunter, but she has hunted and has a javelina under her belt. As a matter of fact, she got her first javelina before I did! My friend Chris McCotter is well-known in Arizona hunting circles for not only his hunting prowess, but his support of wildlife organizations...

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