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Field Notes | Blaze Pink


With a decreasing percentage of hunters and anglers in America, the sportsmen community is worried about recruitment and retention – could the availability of blaze pink be the silver bullet?

In an attempt to attract more women to hunting, several states across the country (including Louisiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin….) are introducing legislation to legalize fluorescent pink for deer season as a substitute to blaze orange.  In reaction, many women are throwing up their arms and calling the blaze pink movement sexist. 

Although I’m unlikely to ever don blaze pink myself, I find myself pondering an array of questions. Why not support pink? Maybe the pink should be a badge of honor rather than a stigma? What kind of hunter does legalized blaze pink attract?

But despite these questions, I alwa...

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Friday Finds | A Camo Bag for Every Occassion

Showing your outdoor style during the day-to-day grind can be difficult so here’s a round-up of camo print bags for every occasion… Lucky for us camo is the new black!

Camo bags for every occasion

Night Out Clutch // Carry All Tote // Adventure Duffle // Back To School Backpack

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Pink Camo

Pink Gun

Given this is a blog devoted to sportswomen who hunt and fish, it’s time we talk camo… pink camo. The debate around pink camo is real.  I go back and forth about what pink camo really means to me and how it reflects on our community.  

Like many of you, I’m a girl who likes manis and pedis and even occasionally chooses to wear hot pink.  But in general, pink camo really turns me off.  Why?  To me pink camo says the industry doesn’t take women seriously who choose to get outdoors.  Pink camo is simply not practical.  The whole point of camo is to blend in so that you remain hidden from your target, right?!  How are you supposed to have a successful hunt when you’re alerting the pray wearing pink? 

On the flip side, pink camo is distinctly worn by girls and women so should we instead be wea...

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By Rachel Voss

If this was only ONE  clock we could stop the hand of time on! Snakes, spiders, ants…I can do… TICKS… holy heeeee-beee-jeee-beees!

Icebreaker-Ika-Long-Sleeve-Half-Zip-Max-1-470x651Now, the benefits of playing in our beautiful great outdoors BY FAR outweigh the risks that are associated with tick bites. But with Lyme Disease on the rise, us hunters – and other outdoor like minded folks – can take a few easy steps and precautions to avoid these lil travelers… It can be as simple as a piece of clothing in your closet!

Tick Habitat: It’s important to know where these lil’ dudes love to hang out. These tiny  travelers vary in size and often can be nearly impossible to see. SO, rather than looking for them, be able to recognize some of the prime tick habitat in your local areas. Ticks LOVE tall grass and wooded areas...

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It’s here… First Lite’s Inaugural Women’s Line

Artemis Hoody_Max1_Over Shoulder

Since 2007, First Lite Clothing has been dedicated to building the best hunting gear on the market out of the most reliable materials and fabrics. Their complete layering system is available in an array of camouflage pattern for any conditions and now it’s officially available for women. What makes this Idaho hunting apparel company on the cutting edge?  Their merino wool technology. Not only is it comfortable but it is also odor resistant and thermal controlled.  Here’s what you’ll find now available to preorder…

first lite

The Women’s Lupine Crew

The Lupine Long Sleeve Crew is the first top to go on every day for every hunt in any condition. First Lite’s lightweight women’s top is available in 7 colors, including 3 solid colors and four patterns as pictured here in First Lite Fusion...

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