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Hunting is for girls



By Richard Grant

Originally published on RichardGrant.US and reposted here with permission from the author.

THORNTON, Miss. — Cadi Thompson saw the deer first, but she wanted to give her friend Amber the chance to kill it. It was a frozen winter dawn on the Thompson family farm and hunting property. The two nursing students were concealed in a box stand, a simple wooden structure with openings to shoot through. The deer was a brown smudge on the tree line 200 yards away.

Cadi, a fresh-faced, confident 25-year-old, has been hunting white-tailed deer since she was 7. She lifted up her rifle and checked the animal through the telescopic sights. “It’s an eight-point,” she said, meaning it was a mature buck with eight tines on his antlers and a good deer to shoot...

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Camo we’re craving (that’s not in the blind)

PicMonkey Collage

We said it in the beginning, Camo is on trend but did you know it was this in?!  From pants to bags, camo is showing up everywhere and we like it!  Here are a few things we’re coveting:

Skinnies // Jacket // Tote // Scarf // Flats

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SHOT Show in Review


We loved hearing from many of you via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter during National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2015 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors Tradeshow last week!  How exciting it was and overwhelming at times as it was our first SHOT Show ever!!  Here are our top highlights:

  • Meeting women of the industry (too many great women to list here but -wow- we have renewed energy for our cause! What motivation!! And you’ll be hearing from many of them as guest posters!)
  • Eva Shockey (we’ll be directly delivering our petitions by the end of February.  Final reminder – sign here!)
  • Meeting passionate and quality retailers and manufacturers.  And – yep – we’re name dropping a few right here, right now! … Bass Pro (king of the sporting world), First Lite (new women’s line for spring 2015! Ca...
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