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Field Notes | Shenan-no no!


Okay remember my post about fall fishing and camping in Shenandoah and how excited I was? Well it turned into quite the adventure! First, it was Columbus Day and near impossible to find a camping spot. After getting recs from the great folks of Mossy Creek Fly Shop, my husband Dan and I ended up in George Washington National Forest about three and half hours from DC. We couldn’t believe our luck – this public land is just a stones throw from James Madison University is absolutely beautiful. We fished for a few hours and then headed to set up camp.

Our campsite appeared perfect… at first.  A creek nearby, lots of space and a flat spot near the fire pit perfect for our tent...

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Field Notes | Who needs more than S’mores?!



With camping season well underway, it’s time to talk about the important stuff – s’mores!  

Last year, my husband and I debated about picking up s’more supplies before camping in Shenandoah and decided we could do without the sweet treats- wrong answer!! As the sun went down, we had a hankering and drove 45 minutes to find a small town where we could pick up supplies. In the end, the drive was totally worth it and now we know to never leave home without supplies for these gooey morsels.

Be warned! Never forget s’mores and enjoy this great guide from REI!



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Build Your Own Fire Pit


Who doesn’t love a nice fire? You can build your own fire pit by following the step-by-step guide in this infographic:


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Seeing the Light (Even if it’s Really Early)

Guest Post

By Jodi Stemler

I have a confession to make – I’m not much of a morning person. It’s not that I like to sleep late, (typically I can’t stay in bed later than 8 a.m. and most days I’m up by 7) but I definitely am a creature of the sun, and if it isn’t up then neither should I be. At least that’s my rationale. But the best hunting and fishing often happens just after dawn, and to get to the woods and waters by daybreak you need to be up well before the sun. As we moved into September this year, my family had a few early wakeup calls, and I was reminded of something particularly important -the best and most lasting memories are the ones forged in a day when you smile into the sun as it comes up.

Over Labor Day weekend, my husband, daughter a...

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What not to say to an adventurous pregnant woman

Simona Balint

Simona Balint

Catchy title, right?

I found this article in Women’s Adventure Magazine under the same title. Neither of the CITNB founders have had kids yet, but I can safely say we are both the type of women who hear “you can’t” and don’t have time to respond because we’re already doing. So with curiosity, I read the article with tips such as Don’t say:

  • Sell you [equipment] now because you’re never going to see it again!
  • You look like you’re going to pop!
  • I’ve lost my [activity] buddy!

These seemed like good examples but I have to imagine there are much more. So tell us. Adventuresome women, what should you not say to a pregnant lady?

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