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Know what you eat



Knowing where my food comes from is a big reason why I hunt and fish.  Call me a locavore if you must but there is something about the field to table experience.  And the calorie count speaks for itself – eating from the wild not only tastes good but is also nutritious and better for you.  Plus hunting and fishing contribute to an active lifestyle. With our nation fighting what seems to be an obesity epidemic, it’s time we become accountable for what we’re eating.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 35% of Americans over 20 are considered obese.  Keep it active, keep it wild and, remember, camo truly is the new black!

*Created by: Wide Open Spaces 

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Celebrating President’s Day with the First Lady of Hunting

Guest Post

Nebrask Turkey 050

To celebrate President’s Day we’re talking to a legend in the sportsmen and women community, Brenda Valentine aka the First Lady of Hunting ®. 

Brenda is often credited with starting the current women’s hunting movement and directly responsible for recruiting more women into hunting than anyone in modern history. Brenda grew up in a family where wild game was the primary table fare and good hunting/shooting skills were learned at an early age. The lessons of woodsmanship, animal behavior, and handling a firearm that once provided meat for the table were also building a firm foundation for Brenda to become a respected leader and a role model in today’s world of hunting and conservation.


Brenda doesn’t just hunt turkey, check out this beautiful elk!

Camo is the New Black: First, and foremo...

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Christmas Coundown #3: Hunter Identity

Guest Post

In the spirit  of the holidays, we’re counting down our top four guest posts until Christmas!  These posts were the most viewed and shared this year and totally worth another look.  In third  place we have Katie McKalip’s post – enjoy! And congrats Katie!!

Katie McKalip

I was paying for my new shotgun, several years ago in a sporting good store, when it hit me.

Hunting had become part of my identity. But I wasn’t sure exactly how it happened.

Growing up, I had few opportunities to get afield, even though both my parents came from hunting and fishing families. And my upbringing in the suburbs of a city that severely restricted personal firearms ownership was hardly one that celebrated sporting pursuits.    

But then I moved out west after college and had the good fortune to fall for a man who appr...

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What is it that hooks us?

Guest Post

By Bethany Erb

What is it that hooks us? When was your defining moment that you realized you loved to hunt and it was a part of you? 

For many people it’s the early childhood experiences with a parent, cousin or grandpa. But what about the person that doesn’t start early? How do they begin? Many people don’t have the opportunity early in life because of certain factors such as not living in a rural area, lack of mentors etc. I wasn’t an early bloomer; I grew up around hunting, but preferred horses. I found hunting intimidating and for men…that was until my college roommate Amanda said let’s go hog hunting (northern CA). So we went and I was hooked!

Grace and her Marshmallow gun

Grace and her Marshmallow gun

I’m glad I started when I did, but wish I had gotten into the field a little sooner...

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Experiencing Montana

Guest Post



By Lindsay Persico

It was spring when I met the man I am proud to call my husband. Our “first date” ( not sure we actually called it that ) was a trip out to feed and sit over a bear bait in Idaho. We spent the evening laughing and joking. He taught me about lighting a fire with my flint and steel and we just simply enjoyed the outdoors together. It is a favorite memory of mine.

Needless to say we hit it off. The year before we got married I was blessed with the opportunity to join him on his elk hunt in Montana. I drove over from Idaho and we headed up to his family cabin in the beautiful Montana mountains. I remember being so excited to get in on the experience and being nervous that I would slow him down in this steep country.

We set out our numerous layers of hunting clothes the nig...

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