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Why I go to the river

Guest Post

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By Jill Alban

It’s May in Montana. And my husband and I have entered what we affectionately call “the crazy season.”

I’m not sure if it’s because of the long, cold nights that have us inside playing Scrabble through most of December and January – but once spring hits, we’re a little giddy. Grant wishes on his lucky star and puts in for the special moose or sheep tag that might just be in the cards later this year. I bike down to the farmer’s market to buy the jaunty, bright green starts that will turn into endless bowls of salad in a month’s time. We pull out the calendar, plan our backpacking adventures, and make grand goals to plant an herb garden or build a greenhouse in the long summer evenings after work.

And, of course, I pull out my fly box...

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Jack Fish Cakes



One of the best things about living in Saskatchewan is the lakes.  There are plenty of lakes to fish in and one of my favorites is Lac Des Isles.  Both me and my husband have got some nice sized wall hangers there.

We typically fish for Jacks, since that’s what I’m good at catching!  I have a wonderful husband who will take care of the kids hooks, baits our hooks when needed and then will start fishing.  ( I do my own hooks, just not the bait!)  We do make a great team fishing, but I have taught the kids to say “Mommy’s the master fisherman”...

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Beauty and the fish

Guest Post

Beauty and the fishBy Kassondra Hendricks

My little sister marches through the door into the garage, she wears my father’s black work bibs and they are large on her. The legs billow out at her hips and dangle over her boots so that they are unseen. She looks ridiculous, but then again, who looks beautiful when they ice fish? We trudge to the truck, giggling with amusement about our appearance. The drive to the lake is long and quiet. My father, sister and I squished into the front of the pickup as our gear had overtaken both the bed and back seat of the truck. Music plays, the windows fog up with our breath, and I watch the fields of snow pass by, day dreaming about tip-up flags, monster pike and crappie. Butterflies erupt in my stomach with excitement...

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