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An Interview with Spokane Women on the Fly’s Heather Hodson


Today Whitney of Camo is the New Balck is sitting down with Heather Hodson, founder of Spokane Women on the Fly to learn more about her nonprofit and how it took flight. We’re excited to host this smart and savvy angler and hope you enjoy the interview! 

Camo is the New Black: How did Spokane Women on the Fly start?

Heather Hodson: Spokane Women on the Fly (SWOTF) was founded in March 2014.  I’ve always loved to fish with the Small Logoguys but noticed that there were not a lot of women on the water.  I’ve always been an organizer/planner of events and saw a need to start a group.  SWOTF is a way to give women of the Inland Northwest, whether new or experienced, an opportunity to connect with other women fly fishers...

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Field Notes | And we’re back!


Three weeks away has been just what the doctor ordered. Three states and three rivers later, I have fished two rivers in Montana, floated another and camped in Virginia’s Shenandoah.  I have helped welcome a new member to our family, spent time with my 95 year old Grandma and inhaled wildfire smoke thick enough it feels like I smoked 10 cigars.  I’ve slip and slid down an adult slip-n-slide, mended a sick dog, ate the BEST elk tacos, celebrated my 30 years on this planet and two years of marriage!  Through all this, I’m reminded nothing does the body and mind better than being outdoors and spending time with good friends and family.  It’s the glue that makes life stick together and worth every minute!  

People are why this blog started...

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A crafty infographic about bow shooting and a blogging break


Hi all!  We’re taking a blogging break and will be back in two weeks ready to start September off right!  We’ll be traveling to Montana and hope you follow the journey on Instagram here!  Hint hint… there may be some fly fishing! Thanks for all your support – looking forward to getting back at it upon our return.

And here’s a nifty little infographic to tide you over and get you ready to bow hunt this fall and improve your technique…


* Infographic source? BassPro.

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Baked salmon with lemon-dill sauce

Lemon and dill salmon 2
One of the many perks of being being part of the sportsmen and women community is the friends you make and the food!  And I’m lucky enough to have a friend in Alaska who has sent me freshly caught halibut and salmon.  Don’t hate me!  I’m here to share a favorite recipe that can easily be applied to high quality fish you can find in the market. I hope you enjoy this simple recipe as much as we do and get inspired to start planning an Alaska trip – we need more fish!  Alaska 2016 or bust?!

Lemon and dill salmon 3

Lemon and dill salmon

Baked Salmon with Lemon Dill Sauce
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Total Time
30 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. Fish Marinade
  2. 1 tablespoon canola or olive oil
  3. 1 tables...
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Pink Camo

Pink Gun

Given this is a blog devoted to sportswomen who hunt and fish, it’s time we talk camo… pink camo. The debate around pink camo is real.  I go back and forth about what pink camo really means to me and how it reflects on our community.  

Like many of you, I’m a girl who likes manis and pedis and even occasionally chooses to wear hot pink.  But in general, pink camo really turns me off.  Why?  To me pink camo says the industry doesn’t take women seriously who choose to get outdoors.  Pink camo is simply not practical.  The whole point of camo is to blend in so that you remain hidden from your target, right?!  How are you supposed to have a successful hunt when you’re alerting the pray wearing pink? 

On the flip side, pink camo is distinctly worn by girls and women so should we instead be wea...

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