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Field Notes | Shenan-no no!


Okay remember my post about fall fishing and camping in Shenandoah and how excited I was? Well it turned into quite the adventure! First, it was Columbus Day and near impossible to find a camping spot. After getting recs from the great folks of Mossy Creek Fly Shop, my husband Dan and I ended up in George Washington National Forest about three and half hours from DC. We couldn’t believe our luck – this public land is just a stones throw from James Madison University is absolutely beautiful. We fished for a few hours and then headed to set up camp.

Our campsite appeared perfect… at first.  A creek nearby, lots of space and a flat spot near the fire pit perfect for our tent...

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Field Notes | Fishing in the fall


The Hubs and I are headed out to Shenandoah this weekend to camp and *cross your fingers* dapple in a little fly fishing.  We’ve had heavy rains the past few weeks in and around DC, which has spoiled plans to get out several weekends.  With heavy rain, the water gets too high and muddy to fish but we’re hoping with this dry week that the fishing has been improved and we’ll finally get our feet in some cool water. It’s been too long since our Montana trip and I’m itching to land a fish!  Practice makes perfect right?! And if anything is right, it’s that we need more practice. Here’s a guide to North America’s fish to prepare us for what we *will* be pulling out of the water…


Wish you had this guide to help I.D. your fish?  You’re in luck, it’s a crafty poster!  Check it out here

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An Interview with Spokane Women on the Fly’s Heather Hodson


Today Whitney of Camo is the New Balck is sitting down with Heather Hodson, founder of Spokane Women on the Fly to learn more about her nonprofit and how it took flight. We’re excited to host this smart and savvy angler and hope you enjoy the interview! 

Camo is the New Black: How did Spokane Women on the Fly start?

Heather Hodson: Spokane Women on the Fly (SWOTF) was founded in March 2014.  I’ve always loved to fish with the Small Logoguys but noticed that there were not a lot of women on the water.  I’ve always been an organizer/planner of events and saw a need to start a group.  SWOTF is a way to give women of the Inland Northwest, whether new or experienced, an opportunity to connect with other women fly fishers...

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Field Notes | Escaping the smoke


Wildfire season has been particularly bad this year in the west.  The smoke is heavy and the ground is dry.  But home in Montana for 10 days we found peace on the river. 

We drove over to Bozeman from Missoula to spend time with my sister, celebrate her new baby and take IMG_8776time to get outside.

After picking up some purple haze flies and rigging up the new rod, we headed to the Gallatin.  As we carefully selected which holes to fish, the smoke remained thick and the mountains looked like distant ghosts.  But the water was cool on our feet, the temperature warm and the breeze on the river was pure the further we waded.  We only had a few nibbles in the hours we were out on the water but our casts got stronger and further as the day passed.

There’s nothing like being outside standing side-by-s...

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There’s no BULL about spring fishing

Guest Post


By Kascie Herron

I never look forward to the first day of the fishing season. I know, I know, call me crazy, but hear me out. It’s usually a $&*t show and I’m a hot mess. I’m not a super proficient angler as it is, but on the first day out I’m pretty rusty and the whole experience only highlights my status as an amateur. My line gets tangled; I lose about a dozen flies and a few feet of line; I break off nearly every fish that bites (if any bite); maybe a rod gets broken. By the end of the day some tears have been shed and my boyfriend and I pretty much want to kill each other. The first day out fishing is just one we must get through in order to move on and enjoy the rest of the season together.

But this year things went a little differently...

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