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Fall for Fishing & Boating


What’s your favorite fall fish? Leave us a comment!

Infographic via Take Me Fishing

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Reminder: Photo Contest Going on Now!

Don’t forget to send Camo is the New Black your most memorable or entertaining images that capture the “sportswoman’s experience” for a chance to win a Red Head duck decoy or Patagonia hat!

Caitlin’s photo is in the lead, but there’s plenty of time to submit your photos before the August 1 deadline!

To enter, email your photos to with a brief description by August 1st and we’ll post them to our Facebook page and/or Instagram page. You can also use the #camoisthenewblack hashtag to get us your pics! 

Prizes Include a Choice of:
1) An original Red Head duck decoy from Bryan Bodt.
2) Patagonia logo hat.

1) Maximum of 2 entries per person
2) Original photos only 
3) Must be relevant to sportswomen
4) Images with the most Facebook or Instagram likes will recei...

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Chordata Discord, or Angling off the Dock of the Lake

Guest Post

By Carleen Soule

I took my son camping this weekend. Despite the fear of encountering wood ticks (I plucked yet another—amid blood-curdling screams—from his scalp just last week), he was quite excited to venture forth. We packed the tent, bicycles, and fishing gear and headed up to Lake Sakakawea State Park.

We’ve tried our hand at river fishing, but that fast river:small child factor only tries my nerves; lakes are the preferred speed for this momma. I knew Riverdale boasts a kiddie pond, and since I really wanted my son to enjoy the thrill of catching a fish, I thought it would be the ideal destination. We decided to explore the road further past the pond before circling back to it and found ourselves at Government Bay...

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Fishing making a comeback in Colorado


First and foremost happy 4th of July!!

We hope you find some quiet this weekend and get outside… in the meantime here’s what’s in the news…


Recently, Scott Willoughby of the Denver Post wrote about ‘Why fishing is making a comeback in Colorado.’ The number of anglers in the state has dramatically increased from 630,000 in 2000 to 765,000 last year – that’s an additional 10,000 plus anglers per year! According to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report, this increase in angling is a trend across the U.S. with a total increase of 11 percent from 2006-2011. There are many factors that drive people to fish which makes it impossible to pinpoint why the sport is gaining popularity but we here at Camo is the New Black are excited about it!

Why do you fish? Where your favorite place to fish?  Ple...

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Fly Fishing is Easy and Fun


By Mia Sheppard

Growing up as a kid I have found memories of catching fish with my family.  I still visualize clear river bottoms, playing on the shoreline and watching the wiggle of a fish on my line. Those memories kept me going back to rivers and eventually  I started fly fishing. There was a lot to learn about a fly-rod such as, what weight rod and line to use,  how to cast, tye on a fly and where to go, it was intimidating but achievable and something new to learn.

 My first introduction, I borrowed a rod from a friend and he showed me how to tie on a fly and the basic casting stoke of stopping the rod tip at 10 and 2 o’clock, an hour later  I was on the river fishing.miaty3 (2)

Fly fishing is simple and fun, this is how to simplify.  Start with a singlehand rod...

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