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Real Foodists: Bowhunting brings wild food — and conscious eating — to the table

Guest Post


By Kristen A. Schmitt

Originally published on Weston and reposted here with permission from the author.

My journey to bowhunting wasn’t a direct one. In fact, it was a path I never could have predicted that I would take. But my passion for nutrition and quality food fueled my desire to try to fill my freezer myself with organic free range meat courtesy of my local forest.

This means that I didn’t grow up learning the skill as a child – it was something that I decided to learn in my 30s with the support of my family and my continued quest for good quality food. While many in society eat meat daily and at nearly every meal, few question the origins of the piece of protein on their plate...

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It’s a DEER, it’s an ELK, NOPE….. QUACK-QUACK….SPLATTTT it’s a duck!!

Guest Post


By Rachel Voss

We all gear up for the fall for various reasons. May it be the beautiful fall colors, may it be sitting in a tree stand, or stalking and bugling that BIG massive bull elk. However, there is one feathered friend that many can’t WAIT for Fall/Winter season for… duck!

Wait no longer, wings are locked and set and the birds are ready to land in your decoy spread! We can’t forget our beautiful retrieving pups diving in after that fallen bird!!!!

Unlike sitting in a stand alone..or belly crawling in on a big game stalk…duck hunting is a hunt that is better done and more fun with a friend by your side. Whether it be our furry friends or our favorite child, sister, brother, cousin, Mom, Dad, or spouse (hopefully you only have one of those….spouses that is)!!!

First and, foremost, ...

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A Healthy Hunter

Guest Post


By Christi Stone

My greatest desire in this world begins and ends with a quality lifestyle not only for my family and myself, but I hope that in my journey through this crazy life, that I can inspire hope in others to do the same. I think that we all can agree and learn to understand that our days on this earth are numbered, therefore it is up to us to learn and sometimes fight for a meaningful life of value. I believe that value comes from your roots; It’s who you are, it’s what you believe in and it’s the purpose driving you to be the absolute best version of yourself.

My roots can be found in a small town in upstate New York, where as a family, countless hours were spent learning about the appreciation for the conservation of the land and its habitat...

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The Beginning of Something Great: My Hunting Story

Guest Post



I’m currently a 27 year old female living in upstate New York. I’d like to once again declare that I live in upstate New York – the city is about 4 hours South of my area. I am surrounded by views of scenic mountains, rolling hills and colorful trees so picturesque that the sight would rob your lungs of air and heart of a beat. Too many people, including my younger self, believe New York to be swallowed by the city – not understanding the true beauty the state really has to offer. Now, if the politics were as pure, I’d certainly live in a paradise. But, it’s my home now, and you have to take the bad with the good.

Delaware is my first home, and also the “first state” (for those of you who thought you knew what Delaware was but wasn’t sure)...

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There’s no BULL about spring fishing

Guest Post


By Kascie Herron

I never look forward to the first day of the fishing season. I know, I know, call me crazy, but hear me out. It’s usually a $&*t show and I’m a hot mess. I’m not a super proficient angler as it is, but on the first day out I’m pretty rusty and the whole experience only highlights my status as an amateur. My line gets tangled; I lose about a dozen flies and a few feet of line; I break off nearly every fish that bites (if any bite); maybe a rod gets broken. By the end of the day some tears have been shed and my boyfriend and I pretty much want to kill each other. The first day out fishing is just one we must get through in order to move on and enjoy the rest of the season together.

But this year things went a little differently...

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