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Fistfuls of dirt

Guest Post

public lands

By Britt Lamotte

Of all the things you can go crazy over – name anything – I am a sucker for dirt. I have to dig it up, mix it up, push it around and cover it up with plants, and then make sure I don’t spend all my money in the process. The plants are expensive, but the dirt much more so. In fact, I don’t even have a square foot of dirt to my name yet – it’s rented. Blame the economy, blame my love for expensive organic coffee but we are still renting, and our rented home is packed full with bikes, dog vests, fishing rods and reels, guns, ammo boxes, archery bows, pheasant feathers, boats, tents and backpacks. Everything we could want for adventure. Everything but the dirt.

We’ve started looking at available properties and weighing the pros and cons of building our own house o...

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Modern Hunters

Guest Post

modern hunters

The other night a few friends gathered around our kitchen table to share the first piece of backstrap from my very first deer. It was a beautiful and delicious experience that, just six years ago, I never would have imagined happening in my life. I didn’t grow up hunting and neither did Nick. In fact, up through early adulthood I didn’t know a single person who hunted. I didn’t know a single person who even owned a gun or a bow.

Now in my late 20’s, here I am — a new hunter with a new blog. There’s certainly no shortage of hunting websites and blogs out there. Was there really need for another? I think the answer is ‘yes’, and here’s why.

When Nick and I finally decided that we wanted to harvest our own wild game, we were just two city-dwelling adult vegans living on gra...

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Merry Christmas and the #1 Guest Post Annoucement

Guest Post

Merry Christmas everyone!  We are so thankful for this community you’ve helped us create and hope you enjoy the holidays with family and friends. 

Earlier in the month we announced our Christmas countdown of top guest posts and today we have the honor of announcing #1.  A mentor and friend to us both, Jodi Stemler came in at the top.  Thank you for all of your support Jodi, congrats and Merry Christmas!!

A Life Among the Silver Backed Males

I work in a pretty male-dominated field. I remember 20 years ago when I was interning for a wildlife conservation organization, my supervisor described our colleagues as “silver backed males,” a fairly apt description for the typically gray-haired men leading most of the conservation movement at the time...

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Christmas Coundown #2: The Tale of “Sisters McGregor”

In the spirit of the holidays, we’re counting down our top four guest posts until Christmas! These posts were the most viewed and shared this year and totally worth another look. In second place we have the McGregor sisters’ post – enjoy! And congrats Christie and Merrill!!

mcgregor 1

We’ve often been referred to as “the Sisters McGregor”. We work in the same professional field, share the same friends and are both avid outdoorswomen. Although we’re 10 years apart, we both have distinct memories of fishing off our grandparents dock in Charleston, camping with our parents and siblings in KY and WI, or hiking with friends across the southeast. 

We’re also pretty inseparable – living together off and on for over 10 years –or at least we were until Christie, the older/wiser one, decided to up...

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Christmas Coundown #3: Hunter Identity

Guest Post

In the spirit  of the holidays, we’re counting down our top four guest posts until Christmas!  These posts were the most viewed and shared this year and totally worth another look.  In third  place we have Katie McKalip’s post – enjoy! And congrats Katie!!

Katie McKalip

I was paying for my new shotgun, several years ago in a sporting good store, when it hit me.

Hunting had become part of my identity. But I wasn’t sure exactly how it happened.

Growing up, I had few opportunities to get afield, even though both my parents came from hunting and fishing families. And my upbringing in the suburbs of a city that severely restricted personal firearms ownership was hardly one that celebrated sporting pursuits.    

But then I moved out west after college and had the good fortune to fall for a man who appr...

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