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Gun Utopia?


Recently in my home state of Montana, there were two murders by guns in a mid-sized town in the span of a week.  One incident involved a mother suffering from postpartum depression and the second involved a scorned lover with mental health issues. Murder is not something Montana faces very often. These incidents have me very troubled, especially as my husband and I talk about growing our family and our desire to move back west to raise our hypothetical children. We want our children to be able to bike to a friend’s house without worry and we want our children to explore the world in freedom and safety. But these two gun related incidents weigh heavy on my mind and heart.

I’m a sportswoman and love to hunt. I respect individual freedoms, the right to bear arms and gun owner rights...

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The American Woman Shooter


The American Woman Shooter MayJune 2015

Check out this Camo is the New Black feature in the most recent issue of The American Woman Shooter!  We’re beyond honored to contribute to this exciting new magazine for women.  The American Woman Shooter
– Champions women in the firearms industry
– Partners with sister organizations in areas of hunting and shooting sports
– Fosters relationships between novice and expert shooters
– Educates women about firearm selection, safety and defense

Read the whole May/June magazine and Whitney’s feature here!

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How wildlife is thriving


It’s a known fact that wildlife are thriving because of sportsmen and women’s contributions to habitat conservation.  But do you know how it all works?  Check out this infographic from the National Shooting Sports Foundation to learn more and spread the word… 



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Fistfuls of dirt

Guest Post

public lands

By Britt Lamotte

Of all the things you can go crazy over – name anything – I am a sucker for dirt. I have to dig it up, mix it up, push it around and cover it up with plants, and then make sure I don’t spend all my money in the process. The plants are expensive, but the dirt much more so. In fact, I don’t even have a square foot of dirt to my name yet – it’s rented. Blame the economy, blame my love for expensive organic coffee but we are still renting, and our rented home is packed full with bikes, dog vests, fishing rods and reels, guns, ammo boxes, archery bows, pheasant feathers, boats, tents and backpacks. Everything we could want for adventure. Everything but the dirt.

We’ve started looking at available properties and weighing the pros and cons of building our own house o...

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Top Hunting and Shooting Equipment Brands of 2014


 Survey results are in and Southwick has announced the top selling hunting and shooting brands for 2014. Did your favorite brands make the list?

  • Top handgun brand: Smith & Wesson
  • Top traditional rifle brand:  Remington / Ruger (Sturm, Ruger)
  • Top rifle ammunition brand:  ATK
  • Top handgun ammunition brand:  ATK
  • Top boots brand:  Cabelas
  • Top scopes:  Bushnell
  • Top binoculars brand:  BushnellPicMonkey Collage
  • Top game feeder brand:  Moultrie
  • Top trail camera brand:  Moultrie
  • Top tree stand brand: Big Game
  • Top muzzleloader: Thompson Center / CVA
  • Top crossbow:  Barnett
  • Top shotgun ammunition brand:  Winchester
  • Top blackpowder brand: Pyrodex
  • Top arrow brand: Easton / Carbon Express
  • Top broadhead brand:  Rage
  • Top bow case brand:  Plano
  • Top archery sight brand:  Trophy Ridge
  • Top game call brand: Primos
  • Top reloading...
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