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Modern Hunters

Guest Post

modern hunters

The other night a few friends gathered around our kitchen table to share the first piece of backstrap from my very first deer. It was a beautiful and delicious experience that, just six years ago, I never would have imagined happening in my life. I didn’t grow up hunting and neither did Nick. In fact, up through early adulthood I didn’t know a single person who hunted. I didn’t know a single person who even owned a gun or a bow.

Now in my late 20’s, here I am — a new hunter with a new blog. There’s certainly no shortage of hunting websites and blogs out there. Was there really need for another? I think the answer is ‘yes’, and here’s why.

When Nick and I finally decided that we wanted to harvest our own wild game, we were just two city-dwelling adult vegans living on gra...

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Seeing the Light (Even if it’s Really Early)

Guest Post

By Jodi Stemler

I have a confession to make – I’m not much of a morning person. It’s not that I like to sleep late, (typically I can’t stay in bed later than 8 a.m. and most days I’m up by 7) but I definitely am a creature of the sun, and if it isn’t up then neither should I be. At least that’s my rationale. But the best hunting and fishing often happens just after dawn, and to get to the woods and waters by daybreak you need to be up well before the sun. As we moved into September this year, my family had a few early wakeup calls, and I was reminded of something particularly important -the best and most lasting memories are the ones forged in a day when you smile into the sun as it comes up.

Over Labor Day weekend, my husband, daughter a...

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Fish dog (2)

We love this photo from Hannah in Montana.

Remember our photo contest?  We are nearing our deadline of August 1st!  Enter now before you lose your chance to win!! We’ll announce the winner next Wednesday, August 6th.

To enter, email your photos to info@camoisthenewblack.com with a brief description and we’ll post them to our Facebook page and/or Instagram page. You can also use the #camoisthenewblack hashtag to get us your pics! 

Prizes Include a Choice of:
1) An original Red Head duck decoy from Bryan Bodt.
2) Patagonia logo hat.

1) Maximum of 2 entries per person
2) Original photos only 
3) Must be relevant to sportswomen
4) Images with the most Facebook or Instagram likes will receive special consideration. 
5) Images must be received by August 1st

May the odds forever be in...

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Does hunting make us human?


The Center for Humans & Nature has posed a timeless question: does hunting make us human?   Even asking this question in the present time is interesting with our protein needs so readily available at grocery stores and a society all about convenience and choice.  Hunting truly has fallen by the wayside and most humans aren’t hunting.  So can hunting make us human?

It’s hard not to agree with professor Mary Zeiss Stange of Skidmore College that this question is personal so we put it on you, our readers, does hunting make us human?  



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The Privilege

Guest Post

By Land Tawney

The sky was blue, sun was hot, and water was clear.  I could see the rainbow colored Rapala lure working to perfection five feet below the surface of the water and then it happen.  A big juicy trout gave chase and in an instant attacked with veracity.  The line went taught and the fight began, the mighty fish was played to perfection, reeled to the dock and deftly guided into the net.  Cidney had caught her first fish!  When I asked her if she wanted to “keep it or put it back,” she exclaimed beaming with pride, “eat it Dad!” 

Colin and Cidney with a big Montana fish

Colin and Cidney with a big Montana fish

As a young kid, I remember yearly, week long sojourns to the Bighole River in southwest Montana, timed to perfection at the peak of the salmon fly hatch...

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