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Gone fishing…


We’ve gone fishing… We’ll be back just in time for hunting season with a fresh new website and some of our favorite content. 

See you soon!

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A wader winner!!


We are so excited to announce our winner of the BassPro SHE Outdoor Waterfowl Waders… 


We’ll be in touch via email to get your size and address!!  We know you’ll love these waders as much as we do, Cassie – and can’t wait to see you in ’em!  Thank you to all who participated – we’re so fortunate to be able to build this community.  And a very special thanks to BassPro for partnering on this giveaway.

* Want to know more about SHE Outdoor Apparel?  Check it out here!

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The Real Female Hunter VS The Fake Female Hunter


By Heather Ballek

Originally published on Adirondack Bowhunters and reposted here with permission from the author.

You see it all the time – photos of half-dressed women posing with a fully drawn compound bow, rifle or shotgun on any given social media platform. Sometimes the season is fitting, but other times there is snow on the ground and all you can think is – How are you not freezing?! They are normally the ones who have 5 separate accounts because all of their friend limits are capped. Now, this could easily go in the direction of bashing these sort of women, but I’m going to give this article a twist. I am not a hateful person, nor do I intend to sound like one. After all, don’t the half-dressed already get enough attention? Lets support the real meat takers of the hunting world...

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Women hunters: a new look at hunting in America

Guest Post

By Stacy Keogh, Professor of Sociology, Whitworth University
Originally published in Backcountry Hunters and Anglers‘s Backcountry Journal and reposted here with permission from the author.

I am not a hunter, but I have been around hunting my whole life. I grew up in northern California where my Dad hunted frequently and strongly encouraged his kids to participate from an early age. My sister and I took the hunter’s education class at the ripe ages of eleven and twelve, despite our marginal interest. We were the only girls in the class and the youngest students by at least a couple of decades. That group was not unlike the composition of the hunting camps we visited, where campfire conversation wasn’t exactly women-and-children friendly...

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Facts About Women Hunters



We love this info-graphic about women hunters from RealTree, don’t you?! Why do you spend time hunting or shooting? We think all 5 reasons suit us but would add feeding our families and friends!

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