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Playing Your Cards Right In the World of Hunting

Guest Post

card stack

By: Julie McQueen, co-host of Brotherhood Outdoors on Sportsman Channel.

I meet a lot of people because of my job. Many of them wonder how I came to have this career, and some people even question my abilities to succeed at it. I am a hunter, a television personality, and a producer of outdoor television. With all of that being said, I’m also a woman who used to work as a fashion model. I keep up my appearance; therefore some people have a difficult time believing that I can document the harvesting of animals for a living.

I had a job previously that shocked people even more than this one did in the beginning. I worked as a professional poker player, and I succeeded at it.

Watching poker on television may give you a false impression of the lifestyle that it actually comes with...

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Field Notes | Snow Goose Hunt

Snow geese - February 2015

Moving to D.C. from Montana was a tough adjustment. Not only are there more people in the metro area than my entire state but our yard is the size of a postage stamp and we’re lucky because we have green space! How was I supposed to survive without the outdoors? Could this place of concrete and marble really become home?

After learning some of the best waterfowling in the country takes place on the Chesapeake Bay, I was more than willing to make the hour drive to get in the duck blind. Since my inaugural east coast hunt six years ago, I have had many days in the blind but nothing compares to my snow goose hunt this year.

My alarm went off at 4:30 AM, I kissed my husband and lab, pulled on my warmest layers, triple checked I had a ten pack of hand warmers and jumped into my Mini...

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On Daughters… and Fishing

Guest Post

By Jodi Stemler

It was a blustery day at the Jersey shore. Tomorrow a nor’easter would blow in, but today the surf was just annoyed, not the angry tempest it would be by morning. Though both my sister and I live in Colorado now, every year we head back to this beach for our annual family vacation. The tradition for me hit a milestone of 40 years this year – just like I did.

After many summers at this beach, the pre-storm blow meant one thing to my sister and I – stripers. Years of surf fishing with our dad during these summer trips told us that bass seem to particularly like to eat when the tide is high and the surf is rough...

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Celebrating President’s Day with the First Lady of Hunting

Guest Post

Nebrask Turkey 050

To celebrate President’s Day we’re talking to a legend in the sportsmen and women community, Brenda Valentine aka the First Lady of Hunting ®. 

Brenda is often credited with starting the current women’s hunting movement and directly responsible for recruiting more women into hunting than anyone in modern history. Brenda grew up in a family where wild game was the primary table fare and good hunting/shooting skills were learned at an early age. The lessons of woodsmanship, animal behavior, and handling a firearm that once provided meat for the table were also building a firm foundation for Brenda to become a respected leader and a role model in today’s world of hunting and conservation.


Brenda doesn’t just hunt turkey, check out this beautiful elk!

Camo is the New Black: First, and foremo...

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Owning the Hunter Identity

We came across this article by Holly Heyser in Shotgun Life recently and it reminded us of something we kept running into when getting this blog off of the ground.

As a woman hunter, Holly writes that she was surprised to learn that there aren’t many women who go hunting alone or with other women. In “Women Duck Hunters: Growing in Number but Lagging in Independence?,” she writes that even when hunting with a guide, women are more likely to go hunting with a male companion.

This is not shocking to us. (But we are glad that a seasoned female hunter was shocked.)

Circling back to what this reminded us of.

We started this blog wanting to share tips and tricks, recipes and gear advice, sure. But we really wanted to share women’s stories.

Both working in conservation at the time, we brainstorme...

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