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Mulies in Montana

Guest Post
Bethany O'Donovan

Bethany O’Donovan

By Bethany Erb

With Montana big game season closed now for over a month, I’m feeling a little down. Kind of like the day after Christmas…you knew it would come and go, but it’s still sad when it happens. However, reflecting on fall 2013 brings back a lot of great memories, laughs, smiles, and excitement for 2014!

I have many great hunting memories from this past fall, but one in particular stands out. It’s the day a friend and I happened upon a gorgeous Mule Deer buck!

For me, hunting mulies is a supreme experience. As the only North American big-game species in decline, the survivors have evolved into a smart, elusive and difficult to hunt species. The opportunity to hunt them, and even to see them is incredible!

On the third day of our hunt near my home in South...

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