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By Rachel Voss

If this was only ONE  clock we could stop the hand of time on! Snakes, spiders, ants…I can do… TICKS… holy heeeee-beee-jeee-beees!

Icebreaker-Ika-Long-Sleeve-Half-Zip-Max-1-470x651Now, the benefits of playing in our beautiful great outdoors BY FAR outweigh the risks that are associated with tick bites. But with Lyme Disease on the rise, us hunters – and other outdoor like minded folks – can take a few easy steps and precautions to avoid these lil travelers… It can be as simple as a piece of clothing in your closet!

Tick Habitat: It’s important to know where these lil’ dudes love to hang out. These tiny  travelers vary in size and often can be nearly impossible to see. SO, rather than looking for them, be able to recognize some of the prime tick habitat in your local areas. Ticks LOVE tall grass and wooded areas...

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Friday Finds| Bringing your outdoor life inside

To create a happy home, bringing elements of my outdoor lifestyle inside is everything to me!  But with a modern esthetic, it’s not always easy to find pieces that please the eye and heart.  Here are 5 finds to add some outdoor whimsy to your home… 

FF - Home Goods 2

Faux antlers | This traditional euro taxidermy style for antler mounts is my favorite and although you can taxidermy your own deer from last season – the price for this faux mount won’t break the bank

Fish bowl | Serve up your family favorites in this beautiful serving bowl and enjoy a school of fish

Bison print | What’s more iconic than the American Bison?  My western heart swoons for this art print

Sheepskin rug | Faux or al natural your naked toes will thank you for this cozy rug

Fish head | In the kitchen or bathroom this fish head will ma...

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A Healthy Hunter

Guest Post


By Christi Stone

My greatest desire in this world begins and ends with a quality lifestyle not only for my family and myself, but I hope that in my journey through this crazy life, that I can inspire hope in others to do the same. I think that we all can agree and learn to understand that our days on this earth are numbered, therefore it is up to us to learn and sometimes fight for a meaningful life of value. I believe that value comes from your roots; It’s who you are, it’s what you believe in and it’s the purpose driving you to be the absolute best version of yourself.

My roots can be found in a small town in upstate New York, where as a family, countless hours were spent learning about the appreciation for the conservation of the land and its habitat...

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Raising outdoor kids

Guest Post

Jennifer and family 

Growing up, we spent many weekends up at the lake or out in the woods. This was a focal part of my upbringing and made me who I am today. I’ve always loved being outside, whether I was sitting in a deer stand or casting a line from the boat. Now my husband and I have three children of our own and we’ve really started to focus on ways we can get them active in the outdoors at a young age so they can start to develop that love and appreciation for the outdoors as well. As an avid hunter, I’m eager to get them started early so when the time comes that they are of hunting age, my hope is that they will excited to get out in the woods. Here are 7 ways that we bring the outdoors into the lives of our young children:

1. Deer Season Prep! Fall is such a beautiful time to ...

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The Real Female Hunter VS The Fake Female Hunter


By Heather Ballek

Originally published on Adirondack Bowhunters and reposted here with permission from the author.

You see it all the time – photos of half-dressed women posing with a fully drawn compound bow, rifle or shotgun on any given social media platform. Sometimes the season is fitting, but other times there is snow on the ground and all you can think is – How are you not freezing?! They are normally the ones who have 5 separate accounts because all of their friend limits are capped. Now, this could easily go in the direction of bashing these sort of women, but I’m going to give this article a twist. I am not a hateful person, nor do I intend to sound like one. After all, don’t the half-dressed already get enough attention? Lets support the real meat takers of the hunting world...

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