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Dear Future President

Dear Future President,

I am a 31 year old married millenial woman and I hunt and I fish.  These are the facts. But I’m one of the lucky ones. I grew up with an over 30 acre backyard where I explored our outdoor world with family, friends and on my own. I sat in the duck blind with my dad alongside our family dog – me in training just as much as our beloved black lab Duff.  And now with my father gone, I work hard to pass on these experiences to my husband, nieces, nephews and friends as we learn how tricky trout fishing really can be.

I write today for the future. Not just for the millenial future but for our children’s future and what can be...

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Christmas Coundown #3: Hunter Identity

Guest Post

In the spirit  of the holidays, we’re counting down our top four guest posts until Christmas!  These posts were the most viewed and shared this year and totally worth another look.  In third  place we have Katie McKalip’s post – enjoy! And congrats Katie!!

Katie McKalip

I was paying for my new shotgun, several years ago in a sporting good store, when it hit me.

Hunting had become part of my identity. But I wasn’t sure exactly how it happened.

Growing up, I had few opportunities to get afield, even though both my parents came from hunting and fishing families. And my upbringing in the suburbs of a city that severely restricted personal firearms ownership was hardly one that celebrated sporting pursuits.    

But then I moved out west after college and had the good fortune to fall for a man who appr...

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The Sports(wo)man’s Pledge

bha-sportsmans-pledge  Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is asking the sportsmen community to take the sportsman’s pledge and tell their story… We took the pledge and now challenge you!  Without our wild places our outdoor opportunities will disappear.   THE PLEDGE As a North American hunter and angler, I pledge to speak up on behalf of conservation of the clean water, wildlife habitat, sportsman access, and public lands that belong to all of us. I will defend these values against those individuals, organizations and corporations who would sell or transfer our public lands and erode our habitat, opportunity and freedoms. I welcome new sportsmen and women, young and old, and will lead by example...

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