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Gone fishing…


We’ve gone fishing… We’ll be back just in time for hunting season with a fresh new website and some of our favorite content. 

See you soon!

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Lady Ga-Ga-Ga?


Do you have an all women’s hunting club? Does it have a name?  Somehow we’d bet your club isn’t named “Lady Ga-Ga-Ga.”  But that’s just what Russia’s first all women hunting club has named theirs!  Thus far the 100 member hunting club has only hunted for birds but they do hope to hunt for big game one of these days. Here’s our list of potential names for our future all women’s hunting club, what can you add?

Camo, Shotguns & Heels
Duck Duck… GIRLS
Huntress Fortress
First Ladies of Hunting
Women, Waders & Wine
Shakin’ Tail Feathers
For more info and a video, check out the article about Lady Ga-Ga-Ga on Reuters here!
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Field Notes | Fishing in the fall


The Hubs and I are headed out to Shenandoah this weekend to camp and *cross your fingers* dapple in a little fly fishing.  We’ve had heavy rains the past few weeks in and around DC, which has spoiled plans to get out several weekends.  With heavy rain, the water gets too high and muddy to fish but we’re hoping with this dry week that the fishing has been improved and we’ll finally get our feet in some cool water. It’s been too long since our Montana trip and I’m itching to land a fish!  Practice makes perfect right?! And if anything is right, it’s that we need more practice. Here’s a guide to North America’s fish to prepare us for what we *will* be pulling out of the water…


Wish you had this guide to help I.D. your fish?  You’re in luck, it’s a crafty poster!  Check it out here

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A crafty infographic about bow shooting and a blogging break


Hi all!  We’re taking a blogging break and will be back in two weeks ready to start September off right!  We’ll be traveling to Montana and hope you follow the journey on Instagram here!  Hint hint… there may be some fly fishing! Thanks for all your support – looking forward to getting back at it upon our return.

And here’s a nifty little infographic to tide you over and get you ready to bow hunt this fall and improve your technique…


* Infographic source? BassPro.

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Raising outdoor kids

Guest Post

Jennifer and family 

Growing up, we spent many weekends up at the lake or out in the woods. This was a focal part of my upbringing and made me who I am today. I’ve always loved being outside, whether I was sitting in a deer stand or casting a line from the boat. Now my husband and I have three children of our own and we’ve really started to focus on ways we can get them active in the outdoors at a young age so they can start to develop that love and appreciation for the outdoors as well. As an avid hunter, I’m eager to get them started early so when the time comes that they are of hunting age, my hope is that they will excited to get out in the woods. Here are 7 ways that we bring the outdoors into the lives of our young children:

1. Deer Season Prep! Fall is such a beautiful time to ...

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