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Know what you eat



Knowing where my food comes from is a big reason why I hunt and fish.  Call me a locavore if you must but there is something about the field to table experience.  And the calorie count speaks for itself – eating from the wild not only tastes good but is also nutritious and better for you.  Plus hunting and fishing contribute to an active lifestyle. With our nation fighting what seems to be an obesity epidemic, it’s time we become accountable for what we’re eating.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 35% of Americans over 20 are considered obese.  Keep it active, keep it wild and, remember, camo truly is the new black!

*Created by: Wide Open Spaces 

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Happy Mother’s Day

Moms are the key to keeping hunting and fishing traditions alive.  And here at Camo is the New Black we are beyond thankful to them.  Happy happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom – enjoy the day! GET OUTSIDE!

Mother Collage

Don’t forget about your grandmas today either!  Check out this past post from Dan Wrinn about how his grandma shaped his outdoor life here.


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How wildlife is thriving


It’s a known fact that wildlife are thriving because of sportsmen and women’s contributions to habitat conservation.  But do you know how it all works?  Check out this infographic from the National Shooting Sports Foundation to learn more and spread the word… 



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2015 Rockfish Trophy Season



Whether you call them rockfish or striped bass, this time of year on the Chesapeake Bay is when to get your trophies. These fish are BIG – averaging from 20 to 40 pounds! And it’s only an hour drive for city dwellers of D.C.

Rockfish trophy season runs from April 18 to May 15th for 2015. Fish must be above 28 inches to keep and only one fish is per fisher – so good luck! After May 15th, the rockfish size and limit changes to 18 inches or above and each fisher is able to keep two fish.

We look forward to another great 2015 fishing season on the Chesapeake Bay and cooking what we catch!  Fish tacos?  Check out the recipe here.  Baked rockfish? Don’t miss this recipe...

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Women hunters: a new look at hunting in America

Guest Post

By Stacy Keogh, Professor of Sociology, Whitworth University
Originally published in Backcountry Hunters and Anglers‘s Backcountry Journal and reposted here with permission from the author.

I am not a hunter, but I have been around hunting my whole life. I grew up in northern California where my Dad hunted frequently and strongly encouraged his kids to participate from an early age. My sister and I took the hunter’s education class at the ripe ages of eleven and twelve, despite our marginal interest. We were the only girls in the class and the youngest students by at least a couple of decades. That group was not unlike the composition of the hunting camps we visited, where campfire conversation wasn’t exactly women-and-children friendly...

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