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Northern Pike Expert Fishing Guide



By Dave and Sheree Swistun

A prehistoric predator stalks the deep, murky waters — moving with the ease and grace of a silver arrow, relentlessly hunting its prey. With rows of needle- sharp teeth, merciless “dead” eyes reminiscent of a shark’s, an almost snakelike body and a survival instinct that has changed little over millions of years, the northern pike is an adversary worthy of any angler’s skills and best efforts.

One of the most prized game fish in northern United States and southern Canada, their range has been extended over the decades through effective stocking programs — and these days any lake in these regions that ices over in winter is likely to have a population of northern pike.

Pike can grow to a respectable size, and they have a reputation as fierce fighters ...

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Filleting a fish… made easy!


Filleting a Fish


* Pro tip: It’s all about the sharp knife.  Try LamsonSharp – it’s made in the U.S.A., comfortable in the hand, a good weight and delicate enough to work great on game birds too – think goose, duck and pheasant!

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5 tips for hunting with kids

Whitney's husband and niece out in the duck blind.

Camo is the New Black‘s owner and operator Whitney’s husband and niece out in the duck blind.

By John Mondin

For most outdoorsmen (and women!) there is no greater pleasure than passing on the love of the outdoors to children. However, hunting with kids can pose special problems and challenges. Kids are not apt to sit quietly in a stand for hours on end. 

Safe hunting rules need to be reinforced, possibly at every outing. Even if your children seem very interested in hunting and all that goes with it, remember to keep in mind that they are still children, and that they have different requirements than adult hunters.

Move Around

Instead of sitting in a stand for hours at a time, try moving around. Sit in one place for an hour or two, and then walk to another area to sit for a while...

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5 Things You Need Before Going Out On the Water



By Rod Smith

Going out on the water is a great experience for people of all ages, full of fun, sun, and great sights. However, being prepared for all kinds of situations is important. Ensuring that you have these five items is a great start to having a fun, and safe, time on the water.

ONE: Life Jacket or PFD (Personal Flotation Device)

Probably one of the most obvious things that you should have when out on a boat, however, almost 85% of deaths from drowning could have been avoided by wearing a life jacket or PFD

What is the difference between a life jacket and a PFD?

A life jacket is designed to float someone on their back, which works if the person is unconscious to get their face away from the water.

A PFD is designed to be more comfortable to wear as they are less bulky, and keep a...

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