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Girls rule, boys drool (on the water)

Guest Post
Leslee, her sister Amy Adams and her best friend Eryn Pierdolla with their catch!

Leslee, her sister Amy Adams and her best friend Eryn Pierdolla with their catch! Love the matching shirts ladies!

By Leslee Oden

Three years ago, my family started a tradition – take a big vacation together! Growing up we didn’t take many big family trips and since moving to D.C. it’s a time each year that I cherish more than ever.  This year, we chose Port O’Connor, Texas as our destination; a small fishing town by Matagorda Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. The town itself is quite small, but provides some of the best fishing for salt water fish, trout, red fish, and flounder in the beautiful bays of Texas Middle Coast.

Making the trip this year were my parents (Bubba and Lenora), brother (Cody), sister and brother-in-law (Amy and Glenn), my sweet niece (Kimber), my Uncle Ralph and Ery...

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Knowing where your dinner comes from

Guest Post



By Jill Alban

Living in Montana is a feast for the eyes, the mind – and the stomach. Before I moved West ten years ago, I was a vegetarian/sometimes vegan – I didn’t eat meat, fish, or cheese. I was concerned with how industrial agriculture exploited animals and polluted water sources. I wanted to take a stand – to make a small difference against a big, complex, overwhelming global system.

That first winter in Missoula, people laughed when I told them I was a vegetarian. At parties, my friends offered up cured meats, spicy sausages, and elk steaks. Unhesitatingly, I said no. “You’ll change your mind,” they’d say, those well-meaning men with thick beards and impressive outdoor resumes. “Vegetarians don’t last long in Montana.”10526128_735240236534991_2067927667749043313_n

And – for better, I think – those fella...

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Guest Post

Brenna 1

By Brenna Richardson

Some people would call it crazy. Maybe they’re right.  Getting up at 5 a.m. to fish in freezing temps in January is slightly insane.  I really have no idea how cold it was, but a quick glimpse at the historical temps put it at 3.2 degrees (F).  The website I looked at didn’t include a wind-chill factor, but in the summer, wind gusts rip through South Park, Colorado at an average of 25 plus, mph!  I think its safe to say, it was cold.  Bitter cold. There was a truck that stopped and talked to my boyfriend when we were gearing up, “You are really going to fish in this weather?“ When I stepped around the truck their eyes grew big, “There is a woman out here fishing in these temps!” You betcha!

My eyelashes froze, as did the corners of my eyes...

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