Tips and Tricks: Blinds and Tree Stands


Hunting Unseen – The Benefits of Hunting Blinds and Tree Stands:

Typically, tree stands and hunting blinds are desirable for archery or crossbow hunting. However, they have also become increasingly popular when hunting with a rifle. Let’s assume you have done your pre-season scouting and already picked out a good location of your game’s traffic. Perhaps near a watering hole, or a well-worn game trail. Perhaps you want a good clearing near a tree line. Think of the maximum distance you are capable of shooting. Since you will require a good vantage point, the following factors should all be considered when picking out a tree stand or hunting blind.

A Deer Blind from Redneck Blinds

A Deer Blind from Redneck Blinds

Tree Stands – There are numerous designs available, so make sure you know what features you are comfortable with before investing.

  • Ladder tree stands – The stand and ladder are connected, with the ladder placed up against the tree. It makes for easy access to get up and down from your stand.
  • Hang-on tree stands – Simply strap the stand to the tree nice and tight. If you plan on leaving the stand in the tree for future hunts, inspect the straps periodically to ensure they have not weakened due to varying weather conditions.
  • Climbing tree stands – The climbing tree stand also straps around the tree, but you would use a harness system and two separate stand pieces to shimmy up the tree trunk. Facing the tree, you should stabilize yourself with the upper piece, lift your upper body and pull up the footstep with your legs and then stabilize the footstep, allowing you to stand and then move the upper piece up higher along the tree.

These tree stands offer great visibility of your game trail or watering hole with the advantage of height. Most are set up approximately 20 feet off the ground, although the height of your stand will naturally depend on you and your particular surroundings.

There are also all kinds of additional accessories to go along with your tree stand, such as climbing sticks, safety harnesses (a must), padded seats and seat backs. However, if climbing, heights, and exposure to the elements are not for you, blinds and blind stands might work better.

Redneck Bale Blind

Redneck Bale Blind

Blinds and Blind Stands – Blinds are an effective way to hunt your game, and there are a variety of types of blinds to hunt with, such as a camouflaged, cloth blind (almost like a pop-up tent), or a solid wood or sturdy fiberglass structure. The solid structures are usually on a quad or tripod stand – between five to 15 feet high – and can hold a considerable amount of weight.

  • These blinds normally come pre-assembled, or you can easily assemble them yourself in your desired area. Remember that you are placing a foreign structure in the animal’s habitat, which may disturb them. Therefore, it would not be a bad idea to set up the blind at least a week or two before the hunt so the game will get used to it. Furthermore, if you will be hunting on public land, check first with your unit’s game warden if this is acceptable.
  • Since blinds and blind stands are available in different sizes, you can choose how much elbow room you get. This is a great advantage when bow hunting, and allows you to make your draw without alerting your prey. It also allows you to hunt with a companion and/or keep your supplies close, and dry.
  • Need a break from the wind, the rain, and the cold? If you are using a solid structure blind, these are ideal. Not only are blind stands a great concealment, but they give you, your gear and your food sufficient shelter from the elements. This means that they are perfect for those who prefer going on fall and/or winter hunts.

Ultimately, when weighing up your options and deciding what works best for you, where do you feel most comfortable hunting? From a height or on the ground? Tree line or watering hole? When you have to make that winning shot, these are the elements that matter.

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