Rewild yourself and your children

Land and his son Colin on a river in Montana.

Land and his son Colin on a river in Montana.

Kids are back in school and a new hunting season is upon us – maybe some of you are lucky enough to have already been out for dove, teal or geese (we hope so!)  With less time together as a family, fall is a great reminder to unplug.  Recently Outdoor Magazine featured a story on how to “unschool” your children which sparked a lot of debate but isn’t there something to it?  More screen time is keeping kids and you indoors we wonder what you think helps kids thrive.  We have heard from some of our guest posters like Mia and Land that getting their kids outside is paramount and is not only more fun but also strengthens the bond with their kids. So at our 9 month mark, it seems fitting to ask you… what does getting outside mean to you and your family?

Looking forward to hearing your comments!


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