New findings about hunters and the upcoming season


Gander Mountain has just completed a nationwide survey of avid hunters and they found some interesting trends for the upcoming season among avid hunters, including:

  • Only 28% of hunters are fully prepared for the season. 
  • Most hunters agree that hunting is more than getting big game (76%); it’s an ethical thing to do (58%). 
  • Deer is the overwhelming favorite game to hunt (60%). 
  • Older hunters want to help with conservation this season and younger hunters want to learn new skills and set personal records. 
  • Almost half of all hunters follow a ritual or superstition for the best hunt including starting the hunt at exactly 4:48AM every time, kissing the first bullet, doing the anti-rain dance, or not shaving the entire season. 
  • Behind a firearm and ammunition, quality boots and camo gear are the top “must haves” this hunting season.

Want to know more?  Check out this nifty infographic…

Gander Mountain Hunters

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